Ms Florens usually offers a flat rate which takes into account the time required for the study and analysis of the case, its complexity, the degree of technical requirements and, where appropriate, monetary or moral benefits to the customer.

This fixed fee (not the time actually spent) is the total firm and definitive amount the clients will pay for the lawyer's services. It allows clients to have a clear idea at the outset of the charges they will incur and avoids nasty surprises at the end.

In certain cases, a fee based on results can be expected and added to the basic fixed fee.

Ms Florens also offers a subscription plan, applicable for companies and professionals who need to regularly resort to consulting and legal assistance. This is a fixed annual fee, payable monthly; the amount is set according to the expected number of interventions that will be required.

Feel free get in touch with Ms Florens by e-mail and to describe your situation: an estimation of cost will be given to you from your earliest exchanges.

Should you decide to entrust her with your case, Ms Florens will establish with you a fee agreement in accordance with the national rules of the legal profession.

To help with legal costs, legal aid can be granted by the State to individuals with modest incomes.

In addition, certain insurance contracts contain a legal protection guarantee which would greatly reduce the client's own costs.

In any event, the fees paid by clients during the legal proceedings are systematically subject to an application for reimbursement by the other party, in accordance with Article 700 of the Civil Procedure Code, which in the event of a successful outcome, can offset much of the lawyer's fee.